Look at me when I am taking to you.

You are looking at me but I look through you.

Empty and lonely are the dead rivers  that wash me through

I see your pain hidden in your pride.

Love in disguise. I see that you are not satisfied.

I see no body but myself.

Mirror on the wall. Here we are again.

Through my rise and fall

You have been my only friend

No one can understand the man I used to be.

So here we are talking to each other again

I see the truth in your every lie but I don’t see anybody by your side

Can see the guilt beneath the shame

The ego before the fame

Thirst for money before passion

Lost like a ship that forgot to sail

I see myself looking through my past everyday

Page after page on a book of tears

As I grow to older by the day

Even in broken mirrors I still remain the same

I don’t see broken parts of me but the whole me

Nothing can break me as long as I don’t break my thoughts

I see the change but the message

As I greet you every day with a heavy heart

A man in mirror hear we go again

Too young to be sad in the generation of hiding of our emotions. Walking on the thin line of perfection and catastrophe compiled in a nano SIM of competition.

I dedicate it all those people who stay awake at night living in that empty gut feeling and wondering will they ever get it right for once in there lives. Looking into the empty dark room growing on doubts, insecurities and just dreaming if they will ever find what they are after.

Working sweat, blood and draining hope year after year until they can’t feel there body no more . Just waiting or hoping to get to that one year that counts. That one year that make the difference

I get you people out there. Fighting the battles the world fails to know. Killing dreams to bring bread on the table. Suffering from the diseases that never meet the eye. Hiding it all in as secrets is what this little life thrives for.

I hope these few words of mine made it clearer about the person who you see in the mirror

© G V Raghavasree


I wish one day I could great death with arms wide open like a old lost friend. Happily ready to forfeit the existence to life to a memory in hearts of loved ones as I will be trapped in framed black and white pictures.

Escape this dimension of reality to dust, as my sole flies away from resposablities that can’t tie me down no more. How trilling to end one adventure in a blink of a eye and be storyless cold dead body the very next minute. Be nothing but a rotting corpse locked in a coffin of time.

How I wonder a body filled with warmth, life ,emotions and personality be nothing but emotionless piece of meat held together by bones waiting to depart from it all. The days bleed and nights howls as I see my friends one after the other become a prey to circle of life.

The soup of death thoughts rattle the most vivid past in the roads of tears, shocks and laughters. All my life I have been walking in darkness and let’s see if there is a light at the end of the tunnel…I lay wide awake until death takes my sole as my heart beat slowly fades away with age… little did I die daily succumbing to pleasures to the of this god dame life as the universal truths reveals itself…

© G V Raghavasree

Bold Strokes

Life is stringing her along with every heartbeat

Choking on the words of yesterday

As she is high, drunk on emotions

Drying up on her own expectations

Somewhere in the broken heart of space

The little girl inside her has grown into a beast that guards her heart from this pathetic world

Beautiful but dangerous…

Thrones in her words keep people at their bay

Every day she wonders

What is the difference between normal painting and greatest painting?

It’s a matter of five bold stokes they say

Over time she failed to accomplish these stokes

A thought that watered screwing up the paintings has bloomed into a giant tree

Might cost her efforts or may be it was risk that needed to be taken.

Which had her hands shiver at the touch of brush

And eventually hope along with her gave up painting

Maybe it’s same for her in life too….

Never bold enough to speak up

Living in the irregularities of thoughts

Stuck in the angle of incidents

In a ocean of loneliness she became a mirage to her existence

Over again and again

Maybe this dessert flower doesn’t know the price of rain after years of torture and pain

She doesn’t know what is is like to quench her thirst with success

Maybe she is too sacred to bloom

The bud that rotted from inside out

And left to dry up and break…

Only her strokes of words are bold as she paints her words in sorrow on the sands of today.

Dieing a little everyday as the time laps the pages of life by and left to the responsibilities of adulthood begins as she has failed to master that one bold stoke ….. Maybe one day she will have the strength to risk it all.

Waiting for that day as the seconds tick by so that she can bloom again into the flower that she is meant to be… waiting seems endless for you dear flower

©G.V Raghavasree


I don’t know where you have been all this time? As time is money and emotions are nothing but foreplay to plays of life. Don’t mind me asking a little pestering question of mind. The years pass quickly for me now.

Time is yet but a cruel master to existence of life . A thief and a villain of our every voyage of experiences .

I hope you used your time well.Everyone eventually parts with everything my dear when your last tick that laped against the tok of death. You can’t change the past but dare may I suggest you can learn from it.

In the pavements of memories and palaces of dreams where dreams are captured in the hands of responsibilities. Goodbyes to your loved ones seems impossible to time itself.

The only thing worth doing is what we do for others as it is said time is a friend to no man at all. Let me requote what I said as-“time is many things but money. Neither is he our enemy. Time and tide waits for no man, or indeed no woman at all”.

©G.V Raghavasree


The lies that were uttered

The tears that were shead

The trust that was shattered

And the heart that blead

The dreams that were dreamt

The days that left

And the clock that ticked by

The hours that I cried

The moments that I begged

Just to see you again

Locked up from the world

A simple hand shake turned to namasthe

Ask the dessert the cost of rain

Now ask people what is cost of life

Every thing seems simple

A primitive cell of virus

Killing the most diverse complicated specimen

The mother nature does play it’s game very well.

Don’t you think so

Fear death and stay home is all that I can quote for today.

Mark my words love…

© G.V Raghavasree

J & R

Happily ever after

I know it doesn’t exist

It’s just a lie to take the risk

Got to guard your heart

As I know he is the perfect fit

This I bid to every Juliette

Looking for a Romeo

True love is not of Romeo and Juliet

True love is how our grandparents who grew old together.

Romeo and Juliet are the greatest plays of Shakespeare. But there is a other side of the tragic story. It was teens who went through sucide at the cost of immature love at a very young age.

Our generation revolves around the world of love and how students especially as low as highschool students are forced or living in this dilugion of true love.

Maybe Romeo and Juliet are the greatest romantic plays in the history but it was a horrible end. It should be considered as the end result of infatuation at a foolish age.

Don’t make the same mistakes as to correct our every mistake we don’t have time nor the emotional energy left in this fast life. Observe the mistakes of the past and surrounding as we don’t have the right amount of time to waste time learning from each and every mistake…

© G.V Raghavasree

Modern Man

I guess we are all living in the different levels of “Ok”. The path ahead is a deserted, lonely and troubled. These feelings are not just mine, yours but the entire modern men of 21th century feel this way..

The complexity of human minds astounds me beyond reasons of thought. Ridiculed in this puzzled riddle of life as we tend to gravitate to and fro over the same merry go round thought to short cut to success card.

Living in the mirage of fast life but at a slave to observing the world through the windows of social media, as redemption to drowning is the crimes of lacking self confidence, self esteem and living lies as we tend to make this licence to life a living hell not only to ourselves but to others too.

I can’t comprehend what the future holds for our next generation, as postive mental health is not a issue but the next very plague of the century that will screw mankind from the most intellectual species of the hierarchy to extinct species that walked this planet earth.

So I conclude this thought provoking thought by – what you feed your mind is what you become… a healthy human is someone who is mentally, physically and emotionally fit… So are you is the question I ask today? Leaving you to figure it out for yourself.

©G.V Raghavasree

Dear Sensitive heart

Nurturing your dreams is important

Especially on long days of putting fires out of mind of thoughts

What do I want tonight?

Turn off the lights, turn up the music and just escape it all through the tears trickling down my cheeks as the music blocks out my sobs so that no one will know. My loyal witness pillow hearing all my troubles as it comforts me to my helpless sleep.

Wake up early and getting on with life is how I roll as I am busy fooling the world with my smile shielding my troubles.

Dearest heart please don’t get saturated after every accomplishment as disappointing every person who wanted see me fail is my moral duty… Toughen up and the game of life just notched up the level as it demanding me to an other quest….

© G.V Raghavasree

Cost of White Coat

She has to leave her child at home in the hands of her husband. With a lump on her throat and a heavy burning stone on her heart as she had to duty today. Maybe the sun will never rise tomorrow in order to see her child’s every accomplishment.

But time is running out. Holding back the tears in her eyes she kisses her child’s forehead. The little girl begs,” mummy please don’t go today and come and play little dollies and house with me” Her mother smiles and says,” You know I would never miss it for the world dear but not today sweetheart. Mummy has been called at the hospital today.”

The little girl with teary coffee eyes wishpers in her mother’s ear,” Go and save lives mummy. I am a big,brave girl and I will look after Daddy for you” as she gives her mother a hug.

The mother said goodbye and ran towards the emergency ward of the hospital praying that she can help people


How should I introduce myself ? The biproduct of a irrational love story. The end reaction of a false love equation. The lies that were uttered and the secrets that were kept.

Fooled the world along with there own kin. Put up a mask and the shows that were produced under the home banner that turned the box office upside down. Should be awarded with the oscars for acting over 2 decades every second of there lifes.

Love that bloomed this family is burning with hate. The past has played it’s part well. The sins that were committed are unforgivable. Tragedy that they built together has only added bitterness to there suffering.

Daily getting drunk on the memories of the past and putting up a show for the world to see as both of them drowned in different levels of  pain of regret.

The hands of divorce should have been taken before but for the sake  biproducts both beared each other daily. The cusing words that tourmented there peace. The walls of there house were nothing but the silent witness. The arrugments that ended and started the day turned living into hell. Tears that were shead from the poison that was uttered. Both left to mend there ways but ego won the match. Which only led to finalizing expiry date of this love

No chapters this love has left unturned. Relationship hanging on the fragile thread of marriage. But how long will it last…. Only time can answer to it as I watch this game of thrones to wait and watch…

Love is a disease. Easy to be trapped in but hardest to take responsibility….

How can the love that bloomed a family get parted in ways a enclyopedia will never able to find answers.

But this unknown reality that children of such relationship live in is pure agony. Every thing that they know or known, the people that were with them all there lifes turning the opposite ends and leaving them to choose in between. In which postion does it put them in….

© G.V Raghavasree