Who am I??

Painting everyday the art of life is no joke .Modern tooth fairy under intense training. A girl who is a human version of touch me not plant. Reserved in the sands of time. Following the path of unknown wildernesses. Living on the edge of the cyclone all her life. She is ment for the stars even the moon can’t stand in her way.


My inspiration-The SUN

Rise like the sun and be like the sun. Do it for all those people you ever doubted you. When you are at the top let them burn in flames of their jealousy for ever doubting you in the first place. Sun burns itself to give light to others which is something we humans have to learn. Keep it simple , clean and classy cus the sun never shows off about what it is capable of.

The girl with no boyfriend

Alone as ever.Stuck in this moment.Wondering if anyone will ever consider me as a priorty for a change. All my life I have been the black sheep. I have no boy or a friend in my such a awesome life.

I can never forget 20 march 2013. The day a boy asks me out for the wrong reasons.As if it can get any better than this my best friend boyfriend asks me out straight after he breaks up with my friend. Are men seriously like this???

At that moment I was clear no one in the fuck want me. I am not a doll so that he can abuse my body in the name relationship to get his ex back out of jealousy. No way was I ever falling for that. I said it solid to his face no I cannot do this. I love the expression on his face. He was shocked and stunned. Probably thinking that this fat ugly Indian girl just rejected me. He begged me I stuck to my words like a super glue adhesive.

I went over to my friend to comfort her. Just to make sure she was ok. She cried on my shoulder and wiping her runy nose on my new shirt. I didn’t tell her about what happened. The next day I found out he asked a dumb innocent girl. I felt sorry for her. I knew what she thinks is not gonna last long. I was right on that within 1 day of there relationship they broke up.

News like this spreads a wild fire in highschool. Man those days were weird with hormones levels pumping. Your entire body changing. Where relationships were a thing. If you were single entire school considered you as virgin mary or something like that. I was tototally fine with it.

I knew that no one would want to date me. I am me for who I am. I didn’t choose to be born as Indian, or have chocolate skin or be fat or be ugly. I am who i am no one is going to change that. I lost hope finding my perfect boyfriend. I guess he only exists in my dreams. Still waiting for the man. But i guess i am in a relationship with my books. After joining dental school i spend most of my time with books. Oh well for no reason is life simple. It gives you the things you need the most at the right time

The bitter truth of 21 century

Hey dont you think the world we live in is a weird place. Since childhood we were told never to give up on your dreams. As we grow older no one really cares about your dreams.

We live in a society where we say to the face that men and women are equal but we remain silent as the men are paid more than women.

In the name of the word urbanization we are cutting trees. Driving animals to extinction. The beautiful animals we see today will only be entrapped in our memories.

Man invented telephone to bring the people we love closer. With the development of technology we are avoiding the people we love the most.

So called urbanization has made the us the lazy , stubborn and slowly we are becoming slaves to technology.

Health and science have developed so such a extent we print tobacco is injurious to health but yet sell. Same with alcohol and drugs. When we know it is injurious to health ut should be banned.

What kind of life are we leading? We have become puppets never questioning why.



Syria war

What began as a peaceful uprising against Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad seven years ago became a full-scale civil war that has left more than 340,000 people dead, devastated the country and drawn in global powers.

What else does the syria government want?The  innocent children who have not even seen the world have there entire childhood snatched from them in a blink of an eye. Syria’s streets have been turned into modern graveyard where rivers of blood are flowing. Men, women, children what ever the age are killed mercilessly.

Where are the laws of humanity lie?The so called laws humans made are crumbling away. The  God as created humans are turned into beasts with no values.

Fears of death pounding in the hearts of people on syria every day. Silent moans of death drown the silence of night where no one dare to sleep.

My prayers are for Syrians out there. My heart moans for your loss. I beg the Almighty to end this. What has been lost can not be restored but we can protect the what is left. I hope I have awakened the humanity in our soul hiding somewhere. Please extend your support for Syria.



The never ending chapter of life

I was told to be patient,

I was told to do what I was told

Be a perfect balance of kindness and joy

What is hiding in those deep sunken eyes?

No one notices under my forced fake smile everyday .

A fire which was once lit is now cold as ice

The only thing driving me is self doubt

I have nothing to drag me down anymore

Behind the tears, I am suffocating in these lies

The lies which I tell my self

Are not working anymore

I am walking the path of ciders

Scaring me at every step

I cannot quit

now I am running low on sprit

Have to break this bridge of doubt,

Will I fight, Will I fall, Or Will I fly?


My life as dessert flower

IMG_20171116_153000Sometimes I think where the hell am I? What happened to the old me. I feel my entire life as the dessert flower. Waiting to bloom. I think the dessert flower is the bad ass of all flowers. Don’t you think? You can get a rose from any corner of this earth but not a dessert flower. A dessert flower blooms where water is nothing but a  mear figure of imagination, under the cursing sun, and all alone in the sands of time like me .

It all started a year ago to me. I feel as if I was kicked out of house. My parents enrolled me into the Institute of Dental education and advance education. I literally gave up hope in joining medical school. Like a ray of sunshine even in the darkest days the news came that I qualified Neet examination. Like I said I lost hope and by than I joined a degree course in microbiology. My life was perfect till this news came as my marks were too low to qualify for medical school but just right for joining dentistry. Finally told me that I can join in Gwalior which is freaking halfway across India.My parents told me it’s the best for me told me it will give me a good learning experience and exposure to a lot of new things and experience to be treasured.  It broke my heart. How can they live without me? I know any 18 year old would kill to be me. I felt that my sister is to young to stay away from me. I imagined her being kidnapped by random neighbor down the street. No one to help her out.i think I am going overboard with my figment of imagination then.

My parents and I boarded the train and came to my college. The college was in the middle of no where really. It was on  the high way and surrounded by mustard fields and peacocks.I would have died a thousand times for a view  like but like on a vacation but not to stay like forever. This I remember it like yesterday. As if I am some sort of package my parents dumped me here all alone. I don’t know Hindi, to make the matters more worse I was the only one from my batch to come so early. I could not hold it in when my parents said goodbye to me and left. Big puddles of tears trickled down my cheeks as I waved them good bye. I felt all that I know and knew is leaving me. At the bottom of my heart I knew that I will becoming stronger and maybe bloom just like the dessert flower but I don’t know when I will…