Be you

Be a little eccentric in a world of walking dead

Be a little kinky in a world of closed doors

Be a little weird in a world of educated fools

Be a little stupid in a world of sarcasm

Be a bit random in a world of preparing

Be the way you are in a world which is not picture perfect

Because you never know who will fall in love with a idiot like you.



When life shows you hell with summersaults of failures in a row. Tears are about to come tumbling down at any second but you hold it all in with a smile.You are gagging on your worst fears.Suffocated by insecurities in your clogged mind. Days of sleepless nights of the voices that doubt you.So many people around you but yet no one to talk to.Breathless from the shit drama going around you. When you are busy dancing to this beat of life make sure you do it with some swagger,grace and courage even at your worst fall because the world needs to know the badass bitch knows how to take a stand against odds.

What it takes to be a dentist

I am a dentist.I know what you are thinking. I am no superhero to have special powers. I do not save lifes .But I am one of a kind.I paint smiles on faces, the build bridges , I decide who wares crown, I plant implants like seeds, I will make sure your smile is wider than the clown, I am a goldsmith .I am a artist, engineer and a doctor. I am a radiologist. I am one in all. A profession which offers more to explore about skill knowledge above all leaving you a curiosity to know more .
Get your concept clear. Every dentist is a doctor every doctor can’t be a dentist.


He guys. This story is taken from a fellow blogger. It’s a perfect example for humour. by Mannu Adams. Do check out his blog. It does have some awesome content…

A man walked into a bar with a full-grown ostrich.

Sitting down at a table in the corner, they called for an astonished waitress. ”I will have a beef steak with some baked potatoes” the man said, “what about you dear?”.

“The same”, the ostrich replied.

After finishing up the food, the man again called for the waitress and said, “I will have a coffee, decaf please; and you dear?”,

“The same” replied the ostrich.

Later the waitress produced the bill of 16 dollars 57 cents, the man put his hand inside the coat pocket and placed the exact change on the table.

While preparing to leave with the ostrich, the waitress who could no longer contain her curiosity asked,”I am sorry sir, but I have to ask: What is the deal with you?”

The man smiled and said,” I am an archeologist. Three years ago while I was excavating in Africa, I got a magic lamp. When rubbed, a Genie came out and said I can ask for 2 wishes. I thought long and hard and asked my first wish. That I should have exact amount of money I need in my pocket always”.

The waitress said, “Oh that is freaking genius! If you want a Rolls Royce or a cup of tea, you will always have money in your pocket. It is better than asking for a million dollars. But what about the ostrich?”

The man sighed and replied, “For the second wish I asked for my life partner to be a tall chick with long legs who always agrees with me!!!”


She is a mystery in a world of discovery

She is a weapon not self distruction bomb

She is a angel who knows how to turn her bitch mood on

She knows how to dress her self up and how to strip without anyone’s prior consent

She comes in different colours, shapes and sizes not for you to taste and spit out

She doesn’t need bit but or big boobs when she knows the sexest curve on her is called smile

She doesn’t need to sacrifice her happiness at the cost of self respect

She is your mother, sister, lover, friends and it’s about time they deserve some respect

..This is to all the women out there..


Your gaze enough to make my legs tremble

The way you bite your lips makes me want to suck your succulent lips

Your smile enough to forget all pain,

Nose to nose fight as I stare speel bound into your galaxy eyes as I pull you into my arms

A tingling sensation as your skin touches mine as it nurishes my passion is slowly eating me in

The sweat cherry fragrance that lingers on you,

My heart beat sky rocketing as very second passes by as you take my breath away

Your white pearly teeth as you laugh glisten in the moonlight

As I dive slowly into your lips as they part apart welcoming me in to devour you as your fingers run through my hair

The way you bite my lower lip hard makes me want to do things I fantasize in my bed

As we play this war game between our tongues savouring each other while my hands explore your body where one one dared as you moan to my touch

You are my only drug that I am medicated for life

Last to be picked

Ever had had that feeling

The lie I kept on believing

Playing was hell

But its the ritual that came first of all

Last one picked,its pathetic

I was not athletic

They gaze over me

Who am i supposed to be

They point and call out names

I know these games

Waiting for my turn

But this anxiety burns

Friends abandon me

As the clock ticks by

10 people left, stomach sinking

6 pople left, self esteem dieing

My heart knows the reality

Under the name of equality

In clouds, ships have sailed

Yet,am I the last one to be picked