A women is a matchstick in the world of match box. She has the power give light in the midst of storm and to burn the f@#king house down…..BewareπŸ˜‰


The Future Proposal

Take me to place of two skies,

Where there is no ground,

The place where sun never sets,

On a ship that never sails

Problems stay away from me

Stuck in this bend of life

Where reality never comes

As you listen to my heart beat

All my life I have been a river,

Guided and protected by my parents at every corner of life,

Crossed mountains, bridges, hurdles on my own

Always I thought I was a tributary that will never make it to the end till I met you

For rest of my life will you be my sea of hope,joy,happiness, love, strength and my only headache

As we travel the ocean of opportunities and fulfill the quest of life

Take this ring. Will you be my better half or worse??


Change is the law of the universe. The one thing I learnt the most this year is change. Sometimes it sneaks up on you. Sometimes it hits you over the head . Sometimes you turn around a corner to find you are different in some small way.
The world does not look like it quite used to. So where will i go from here. Still no idea. And for the first time in life its feels like a good thing.

Officially over 100+ follwers

Thankyou soo much for all the love, patience and suggestions.

I never in million years thought I would get this type of appreaction. I was motivated to start writing blog when people started making fun of my work

I so wanted to know where I stand. I guess I underestimated my self.

Every like, comment definitely raised my sprits. Thank you soo much😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊


People see me in many ways
Some say I am an orniment of time
Others say I last forever
I am misjudged and misinterupted
Everyone wants me and go to great lengths for me
They dont realize that they are killing the beauty within.
The imperfections define who you are
Be bold …..Be you……

The mystery blogger award

WordPress has helped us to interact and share opinions and views regarding various topics with people who are halfway across the world in the comfort of your own space.

You are probably thinking what is this so called mystery blogger award.Its an award for amazing blogger with indigenous posts. There blog not only captivitates, inspires and motivates.They are the best out there and deserve every recognition they get. This award is for the bloggers who find inspiration and fun in blogging and they do it with so much passion and love

-Okoto Enigma

Firstly it gives me immense pleasure to thank my dear talented friend Himashi from


Her blog specially dedicated to the subjects of motivation, life experiences, the world through her eyes which gives us the different perspective to life- My favorite blog of hers is growing without soil. I recommend you to read her work. Its amazing.


  • Put the award logo / graphic on your blog
  • List the rules
  • Thank whoever nominated you and provide the link to their blog
  • Tell your reader three things about you
  • You have to nominate 6-7 bloggers
  • Answer the questions given to you
  • Ask your nominee 5 questions of your choice

Three things about myself

  • I am a no superhero but just a modern tooth fairy in intense traning(dental student😁)πŸ’₯
  • I love to interact with people from basically anywhere
  • I love learning, experiencing new things and ideas


  • How will I introduce my blog? L My blogs name is dessert flower. Its a odd name for blog you may think. I think its the bad ass of all the flowers. Grows surrounded by spines in arid areas where water is nothing less to figment of imagination under the scorching sun and pressure. My blog consits of my crazy experiences, thoughts and inspirations. I basically have no idea how to describe my blog. Its a bit of everything about life and journey.
  • What’s my life inspiration?

For me inspiration comes from the sun.

  • Dream that I wont get tired of chasing?

My dream would be change. Change for the better me in whatever path I choose to walk on. Yeah a pretty odd you may think.The reason is that through change you become a upgraded version of you.

  • My motto for a happy life? Aim for the moon even the stars cannot stand in your way
  • One such thing that you miss today which was a part of daily routine?

As today is sunday i miss coming to room tired as hell from college and reuniting with my bed

My questions for the nominees

  1. What do you get from blogging?
  2. Which one is better hardwork or talent and why?
  3. What’s your idea of a better world?Describe
  4. Is war good or bad?

Write three of your guilty pleasure?

My nominees are

  1. https.www.fantasies55215920.wordpress.com
  2. https.www.mypartoflife.wordPress. com
  3. https.www.ankandas.wordpress.com
  4. https. http://www.benaquiba.com
  5. https.www.thinking clearly483645316.wordpress. com
  6. reviewit810089643.wordpress. com
  7. http://www.anand23d.wordpress. com

Hell yeah. I am a feminist!!

Ever doubting youself just cus your a girl, women ,mother. Say hell to the no for all those stereotype thinking. I am more than just a girl with a pretty hair do. Our body is not a measuring bar for you to dump your comments on . When we think of boys we think about solemates, dinner dates but not a free fuck toys.Those eyes that they dart at you as if you are there prey. We have a voice that needs to be heard and paid attention to. So many expectations on us to be considered beautiful like big boobs, tiny waist, the perfect hour glass figure, hairless but volumes of our head. The saddening thing of all you mock the body that gifts the gift of life.I urge for a change. We women have learn to say no to being paid less to a man who basically does the same job, boys can stay up this what ever they want but girls have curfews, where women are expected to say goodbye to there career and stay at home to look after kids. Seriously boys!! It took us over a century to get the right to vote. Under the law of equality that all men and women is being shoved under the carpet more like. Women are not roses. We should not be plucked for our beauty and left to wither to die. We should a dessert flower ,grows surrounded by spines, under harsh environment and pressure. A flower which blooms in the most unhabitable place something we women have to learn in this 21th century.