2. Dusky brown class

Nervously i looked up and saw the entire class looking back at me. The attender told the teacher that i am a new student. Teacher told me to take a seat. My my head hung low as I walked to my seat . The ackward kind look from the strangers looking straight at me as if I am some sort of animal stuck in there trap. Teacher introduced himself as this errie silence flooded the room. He finally told me to introduce myself. “My name is Gopu Veera Raghavasree,I am from William Beamont High School.”I heard someone snniger at the back at the sound of my name. What can I do with a name like this. Its not like as if I named myself. Since i was a kid i got used to people bullying me and looking down on me.I have been a toy to bullies in London. I remember those days like yesterday I would be reminded that being a brown was a crime.

Teacher welcomed me to the school and told me the rules. When the teacher went out. I could feel someone was poking me on the shoulder. I turned to see a wide smiling girl. I never knew than that this girl was going to be my best friend. Vasavi offered me Cadbury shots. From that moment i knew that we would get along well. Why the hell did I move half way across the world to be stuck with strangers who are going to bully me anyway even though it wont be for skin colour.


5 thoughts on “2. Dusky brown class

  1. I was bullied all throughout primary and middle school because I was fat. After a few years, I met amazing people in high school and I realised that there will always be those few people who will love you for who you are. The secret is- don’t let them go… Lots of love!:)


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