Last to be picked

Ever had had that feeling

The lie I kept on believing

Playing was hell

But its the ritual that came first of all

Last one picked,its pathetic

I was not athletic

They gaze over me

Who am i supposed to be

They point and call out names

I know these games

Waiting for my turn

But this anxiety burns

Friends abandon me

As the clock ticks by

10 people left, stomach sinking

6 people left, self esteem dieing

My heart knows the reality

Under the name of equality

In clouds, ships have sailed

Yet,am I the last one to be picked


11 thoughts on “Last to be picked

  1. This made me go back to my days at school, being last to be picked for teams in PE/sport. Not a nice feeling. It can make you feel as though it seeps into the rest of your life, that you’re the last chosen or thought of for things, that you’re not as worthy, which just isn’t true. Well written xx

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  2. Been there, dessertflower! But, I was really good at a horrible American gym game called dodge ball. Not wanting to get smacked by a ball, I was so good at avoiding strikes I was usually the last one standing! πŸ™‚ Thank God, there is no gym in adulthood other that what we choose to do for our own fitness!! Blessings!

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