Your gaze enough to make my legs tremble

The way you bite your lips makes me want to suck your succulent lips

Your smile enough to forget all pain,

Nose to nose fight as I stare speel bound into your galaxy eyes as I pull you into my arms

A tingling sensation as your skin touches mine as it nurishes my passion is slowly eating me in

The sweat cherry fragrance that lingers on you,

My heart beat sky rocketing as very second passes by as you take my breath away

Your white pearly teeth as you laugh glisten in the moonlight

As I dive slowly into your lips as they part apart welcoming me in to devour you as your fingers run through my hair

The way you bite my lower lip hard makes me want to do things I fantasize in my bed

As we play this war game between our tongues savouring each other while my hands explore your body where one one dared as you moan to my touch

You are my only drug that I am medicated for life


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