He guys. This story is taken from a fellow blogger. It’s a perfect example for humour. by Mannu Adams. Do check out his blog. It does have some awesome content…

A man walked into a bar with a full-grown ostrich.

Sitting down at a table in the corner, they called for an astonished waitress. ”I will have a beef steak with some baked potatoes” the man said, “what about you dear?”.

“The same”, the ostrich replied.

After finishing up the food, the man again called for the waitress and said, “I will have a coffee, decaf please; and you dear?”,

“The same” replied the ostrich.

Later the waitress produced the bill of 16 dollars 57 cents, the man put his hand inside the coat pocket and placed the exact change on the table.

While preparing to leave with the ostrich, the waitress who could no longer contain her curiosity asked,”I am sorry sir, but I have to ask: What is the deal with you?”

The man smiled and said,” I am an archeologist. Three years ago while I was excavating in Africa, I got a magic lamp. When rubbed, a Genie came out and said I can ask for 2 wishes. I thought long and hard and asked my first wish. That I should have exact amount of money I need in my pocket always”.

The waitress said, “Oh that is freaking genius! If you want a Rolls Royce or a cup of tea, you will always have money in your pocket. It is better than asking for a million dollars. But what about the ostrich?”

The man sighed and replied, “For the second wish I asked for my life partner to be a tall chick with long legs who always agrees with me!!!”


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