Light and night two opposite terms but differ by only one letter

Like our sole stuck between two bodies as our heart beats for one

Drenched in this errie silence of two broken hearts longing to be together

Captured in this moment of the moonlight as the stars gaze at billions of tiny fireflies blinking back at them

The long slender fingers of the trees waving to the moon like a long lost friend

When mother nature sleeps and the night dwellers come to play

Two lovers dancing to the beat of love at the comfort of passion

Time when students stay up partying with coffee for next day exams as there eyes glued to there books

The sweet sedative smell of night queen blooming for the touch of moon

Wondering what a life can be in these twists and knots of reality hiding in the shadows of a dreamer



Hi there, I started this blog to express myself. I choose to call it the dessert flower. It's a odd name for a blog you may think. I think it best describes me and my life. You can find a rose anywhere but a desert flower blooms under the brutal sun,harsh dessert, without water and all alone. I think at the end of the day we are fighting for ourselves just like the dessert unsented jewel#dessert flower#

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