Sexist punch

Ever wondered why balls associated with strength? “Looks like she has bigger balls than you ” And vagina or cunt as you guys call it linked to week or suppressed? Balls in the man is the weakest part of his body and vagina is the strongest part of the womens body. She introduces a entire life to the world. Yes that’s right from her bloody vagina.

Next time you consider a women less or inferior to you a thought for you for you to consider.



Hi there, I started this blog to express myself. I choose to call it the dessert flower. It's a odd name for a blog you may think. I think it best describes me and my life. You can find a rose anywhere but a desert flower blooms under the brutal sun,harsh dessert, without water and all alone. I think at the end of the day we are fighting for ourselves just like the dessert unsented jewel#dessert flower#

19 thoughts on “Sexist punch

  1. Wow. Nice punch lines for those who think females are less. And awesome point of view!!!

    It’s funny, but I never heard that kind of compliment the other way round; I never heard a woman saying to a man: “You know what – you really got boobs!”

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  2. You got a point here. I would love to enter a long winded debate, but I’d lose. Men find out later in life than women are the stronger of the species. Unfortunately, they find out after they’re married.

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