A broken reality -1

This stubborn reality
Has awakened me
Introduced me to the world
Under the challenges of the eye. And into the future of unknown. What will I be?

Thoughts that ate me alive. Unable to accept my condition. Living in the doubts of yesterday. And into the ripples of tommorow

How can I let one boy screw up six years of my life? Not a day passes without thinking about Prithivi William Palaparthy. Sometimes its hard to forget someone who gave us so much . Before going to sleep we think of one person who we love or reason of our suffering .What if the same person gave both?

Where do I begin? My life has turned upside down since I came to Hyderabad. I was about 13 years old fat chubby Indian girl

I was a shy kid. I have these big dark chocolate brown eyes framed in long lashes with a bindi in between over a irregular thick bushy eyebrows. Broad nose and small pink stained lips implanted in a oval face with two plated brades. You get the picture I was not the material to be popular more like to be made fun off. I was always the sore thumb that sticks out no matter how hard i try to be friendly, postive and work my fat ass off. All my life i felt I never belonged anywhere. Always the last kid to be picked in groups. Basically i was a missfet for nothing.I remember my first day like yesterday. The principle would not let me get admintion into school as my marks were low. But eventually she agreed. I walked into class nervous with my shoulders hung low with my acward back pack. My stupid oversized school dress drowned my confidence level. That bitter horrible taste at back of my throat,as my tiny fat legs poking out from underneath the dress sway to and fro to catch up with the attendant as he shows me my classroom. Finally he stopped in front of a door with a 9th A written on it and told me to go in.