How should I introduce myself ? The biproduct of a irrational love story. The end reaction of a false love equation. The lies that were uttered and the secrets that were kept.

Fooled the world along with there own kin. Put up a mask and the shows that were produced under the home banner that turned the box office upside down. Should be awarded with the oscars for acting over 2 decades every second of there lifes.

Love that bloomed this family is burning with hate. The past has played it’s part well. The sins that were committed are unforgivable. Tragedy that they built together has only added bitterness to there suffering.

Daily getting drunk on the memories of the past and putting up a show for the world to see as both of them drowned in different levels of  pain of regret.

The hands of divorce should have been taken before but for the sake  biproducts both beared each other daily. The cusing words that tourmented there peace. The walls of there house were nothing but the silent witness. The arrugments that ended and started the day turned living into hell. Tears that were shead from the poison that was uttered. Both left to mend there ways but ego won the match. Which only led to finalizing expiry date of this love

No chapters this love has left unturned. Relationship hanging on the fragile thread of marriage. But how long will it last…. Only time can answer to it as I watch this game of thrones to wait and watch…

Love is a disease. Easy to be trapped in but hardest to take responsibility….

How can the love that bloomed a family get parted in ways a enclyopedia will never able to find answers.

But this unknown reality that children of such relationship live in is pure agony. Every thing that they know or known, the people that were with them all there lifes turning the opposite ends and leaving them to choose in between. In which postion does it put them in….

© G.V Raghavasree

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