Love disease

Loving you was easy

But burning your memories in the depths of my heart

As my heart rots in the hatered of you

My mind suffocating in your words

My pride dieing for falling for you

Yeah I am a patient and you were my disease


Tears of heart

The irony of a girl

who doesn’t believe in love

Loves to watch romantic movies

The girl with no realationship

With a broken heart

sold her sole to a pathetic boy

Who wounded her

If only time can mend

what has been lost

But there will always be a

peice of her, never the same

Maybe that made her stronger

or weaker at the thought

If only you realized

what you did to her

You left her guessing

To manipulate her decisions

to love you

These are the silent tears of the heart

Which you don’t deserve

© G V Raghavasree

Disturbed sole

A troubled youth

Burnt me alive

Drowning in those words

Suffocating in those thoughts

A poet born from the ashes

Sick of all the drama

Waiting to spread her wings

Crowded in an empty box of mind

Waiting to be filled

Lost in this chase

Abandoned without any direction

A parasite feeding on pain

The more she hid,the more she fell

Than I happen to see the girl.

I was, that you have lost,

I don’t know her anymore,

But she will probably

Put up with your bullshit,

As for me ,

Lesson learned very hard,

I can see the red flags have raised

Before they even drop

The rose colored innocence is all gone

©G V Raghavasree

Traditional beauty

Her curly hair moving in the slightest breeze.As two loose strands fall over her face. Those eyes are a mystery that I still get lost in. Dimples that tease me. The way her saree wraps elegance and grace at every curve. The bells in her ankle giggle as she walks towards me. Her crescent waist dancing to the vibe of the universe. Her bangles jumping up and down to beat of my heart. The sweet bindi kisses her forehead for me. Her eyebrows say all about her. Oh god, her pink ,untouched,virgin lips drive me crazy. Dame her angelic laugh brings me back memories…

©G V Raghavasree


Karma is sharpening her nails and finishing her last drink.She says she is coming for you….

Her eyes darker than hell itself curtained by long seducing eyelashes and bordered by thick black bushy eyebrows. Lips painted in the blood of her victims. She will make you pay for your debt that you were bearing.

Be prepared.

Karma is a b#@th only if you are…

©G.V Raghavasree

Never underestimate yourself

Sometimes it seems like the world is plotting against you. Even the truth some how manipulates itself. Problem at every corner, road blocks and people abandon you. Feeling helpless is the only choice but you have to raise above all that sympathy shit you are giving yourself.

Testing your every decision, watching our every step and seeing if we can keep it all together. Yeah our bloody life is observering it all and just waiting for you to screw up.

We have to learn to take a stand against the odds if it’s only you fighting a battle against everything you know for a better life. The world will treat you like a dirt, fit for nothing. Are you going to give into this load of crap and prove them right?

Believe in yourself. No one has the courage to live your life but you do. Never let anyone make you feel small about yourself because you are a diamond in the rough. The shiny glasses may sparkle now but when you shine you are going to set the stage on fire.

The choice is all yours son……. Never underestimate the power of yourself. Period…

©G V Raghavasree

The Heavier side of the coin

Hey who would have thought that the fatty that you called is a living a life of depression. Oh sorry that does not matter as a matter fat people are actually not humans with feeling according to your perspective.

On the positive note being body shamed gives us super powers to ignore your idiotic comments on our bodies and latter feel bad about ourselves so that we can binge more on our comfort food and become more fat for you to dump more of your hateful comments on us. This vicious cycle repeats. Or the other category people will starve themselves to death and get diagnosed with rare syndromes.

Hahahaha if only , we ,the offical obese people realize to live our life according to us than according to your perspective, we would have been more happier and have a healthy mindset too.

Yes we know being fat has its disadvantage when it comes to health. We will be gifted with diabetes, heart stokes, stones, infertility, potentially life partners and many more which I can’t think right now. There are conditions which we can’t control like pcod with which I am suffering with. No sympathy points. Or like thyroid problems. So you get the picture and guess what is the worst disease of all this is trying to find the clothes that fit you without having to over grow them. Yeah not in the vertical direction but horizontal. Hey I like the way you are thinking…

Look being heavy does have its advantages as we won’t able to get easily kidnapped so eat more cake. Lol

Being on the heavier side of the coin through out the childhood is a curse. As they grow into adults they will always have confidence and body image issues.

So the next time you someone fattso think how it might affect them.

In my blog all I am saying is there is people have the choice to live how they want without having to live in fear of being judged by there appearances. If everyone was the same than we will all be robots. Learn to love yourself before you can love another. Love your body-fat ,thin, round or tall cus under the surface we are all same… Peace Love

©G V Raghavasree