Chained emotion

Sometimes the person who made you a lot stronger and a badass who doesn’t take no for a answer is also your weaknesses and a haunting curse ,which is a feeling that no words can ever express but the depth of my eyes can at every second of my life, reminding me to go move forward at every step.


Unspoken words

Words stuck at the tip of my tongue

Lost in the moans of period of time

Trapped in the core of the silence of my heart

Resides the doubts of thought

Nothing more but a figment of imagination deserted in hands of truth

Captured in the jaws of fear lives the agony of a one sided lover


The moon has heard the poems of broken hearts

Casting down its twight it illuminates, the hope of night that even in darkness light will find its way

Lighting the entire ocean of sky like a eternal disco ball as the stars come to dance

All trees jealous of its beauty try to grab the moon with there branches but yet fail in vein

According to seasons the moon is interpreted as never ending phase of reality trapped in orbit around earth but yet never failing to accept the circle of life


The silent eerie wind that sends shivers down the spine has heard more silent prayers of the soldiers than war cries

The heartbeat of every soldier knowing his scarification has no words to measure before his dedication to his nation

Two borders heavily guarded that even breath seems to stop but yet inevitable for the survival of millions lives bearing on there shoulders

Times of war has seen many couragious brave faces going head forth into jaws of hell yet somehow knowing the end

In the eyes of the citizens they are the heroes of the nation that no superhero can ever match

Trapped in the eyes of blood shead, justice and peace there lives a patriot in every solder’s heart

Him and her

He is lost compass in a world without direction

She was a lost soul stuck in the period of time

Both of them made for each other but are sea and dessert in comparison, enough to quench one and other but at the cost of one’s duty

Who will win this battle field but yet losing.

This is the sad reality of today’s love story.

Lost wish

Little is known of this story

Forbidden in silence of unspoken words

A chapter of life never discussed in a hidden lines of this smiling face

Words trapped in the core of my heart

It’s a silent wish of reality

Every scene echoes in my memory lane

Lost by the dark valleys of time, age and depression

Written under the expression of this pen lives a poet

Who can ever love her??

She was a a incomplete sentence in a complete book

little sun flower in a field of roses looking up to the sky as if she doesn’t care

Though she did not sparkle, people fell for cheep glass not realizing she was diamond in making

In little things her happniess lies forgetting her thirst for luxury

She was not the type of girl you take to clubs and bars more like the ideal girl you can introduce to your parents as your love of your life