Dear crush

I told the stars about you all night

The entire world whispers your name

For you my heart and mind fight

The silent war is this love flame

That you ignited in me

Nervously I gaze into you lost in your profound features

My heart beat sky rockectting

Craving to talk to you is a habit that I desire

Love songs blasting down my ear

Yet my secret this universe knows

As it moans in the wind

But yet you fail to notice

You break my heart as you ignore

As I say goodbye with puddles of tears

And welcome my new crush blushing

And the cycle repeats…..

©G V Raghavasree


Every woman is a moon

She was a moon

Lost and alone

In the empty space of social life

Full of voids and dullness

Revolving the orbit of life

Independent in the world of unkown

She wants to find a man

Who sees the her for who she is

And learns to love her imperfections

And helps her to shine bright

Who has always got her back

Like moon got the sun

©G V Raghavasree

Arranged marriage

Hair adorned with the amazing flowers

Wrapped in a kanchivaram sariee

Wearing my mother’s jewelry passed down the generations

Girls chattering and laughing

Tears in my eyes

Father looks so happy

The Pandit swearing the mantras of wed lock

The drummers and pipers rattling my ears with classic vibe

Relatives from everywhere to be seen

Waiting to be sold to love of my life

At the cost of marriage bound in tradition

Dreading the moment a stranger breaks your virginity

As having sex before marriage is sin to commit

Oh that’s ok as that stranger is your husband

Your innocence little sister winks and says I am lucky……

©G V Raghavasree

Stoned wall of emotions

The castle walls that we build around us so high. We are barely able to breath. We are suffocating in these emotions. The emotions which are burning us inside out. The expectations of the reality is sinking my self esteem doubts which is flooded with regret,hatered and sorrow. I can’t hold it in no more. I am drowning in myself of mesery. Stuck in this black hole of emotions which is a burning turmoil to the sole of living. Living a life without conclusion or meaning. I have to open up these gates and break down my walls and show that I am strong enough to handle it. Bring it on life

©G V Raghavasree

Love in medical language

Love is nothing but chemicals reaction with release of oxytocin and dopamine

When you think about it our world is formed through a chemical reaction….

When you are a medical student trying to find romance in the world of science. Yeah a ironic result ….

©G V Raghavasree

A ship

If life is a ocean

Be a sailor of a ship

And into the motion

Of a winning flip

Guided by the will of sale

Against the tides of trouble

Destiny shall prevail

Through these repeated struggles

Bombarded by self doubts

In the desserts of pain

Nothing seems to wipeout

In this forsaken chain

©G V Raghavasree


A father’s sacrifice

A mother’s worries

Bound in the silence

Of an unknown cries

I became friends with maturity

Carrying the burden

Yet knowing the reality

Lost in the reason

This is tough

Knowing the pain

Inexperienced by age

Of an unknown lane

Locked in this cage

In the jaws of time

Learning to understand

Yet I am a prisoner to this crime

©G V Raghavasree