Special friend wishes

I think the best way to wish my friend Sammy a Happy birthday is over in my blog. You are a amazing, smart, funny, poilte, friendly,caring and did a PhD in flattering others. You are officially my fav blog fan. I admire you taking time and reading each and every blog or mine. I still can’t believe you went to the extent of stalking my old flame which really touched my heart. You definitely make others feel special around that is the magic in you man. You have got the potential to be who ever you want. You are a amazing musician and got a great ear for beats.

I don’t have words to describe you or thankyou enough for coming into my life in a such unusual way. Never thought I would meet a friend as unique and different as you kiddo. This is just to say Happy birthday and may God bless you and give you a oceans of happniess, joy and success.


War within

This is a broken poem living
inside my a burning sole
Struggling every day
Lost in the period of thoughts
Following the path of forbidden
Learning to face the inner fears
Before facing the the outer demon
Overcoming battles at every turn
Under the wing of die hard determination
Lives a girl of badass attitude
Ready to face the eyes of burning hell

Lines of realationship

Two line so similar and common moving parallel to each other but never meet

Two lines so different and unique meet at a point of time but drift away from each other

Two lines so different from each other like salt and pepper with there own unique character and personality supporting each other and moving forward at very step

What type of line do you follow???

Sexist punch

Ever wondered why balls associated with strength? “Looks like she has bigger balls than you ” And vagina or cunt as you guys call it linked to week or suppressed? Balls in the man is the weakest part of his body and vagina is the strongest part of the womens body. She introduces a entire life to the world. Yes that’s right from her bloody vagina.

Next time you consider a women less or inferior to you a thought for you for you to consider.


Light and night two opposite terms but differ by only one letter

Like our sole stuck between two bodies as our heart beats for one

Drenched in this errie silence of two broken hearts longing to be together

Captured in this moment of the moonlight as the stars gaze at billions of tiny fireflies blinking back at them

The long slender fingers of the trees waving to the moon like a long lost friend

When mother nature sleeps and the night dwellers come to play

Two lovers dancing to the beat of love at the comfort of passion

Time when students stay up partying with coffee for next day exams as there eyes glued to there books

The sweet sedative smell of night queen blooming for the touch of moon

Wondering what a life can be in these twists and knots of reality hiding in the shadows of a dreamer

Be you

Be a little eccentric in a world of walking dead

Be a little kinky in a world of closed doors

Be a little weird in a world of educated fools

Be a little stupid in a world of sarcasm

Be a bit random in a world of preparing

Be the way you are in a world which is not picture perfect

Because you never know who will fall in love with a idiot like you.